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Borgogno on synonyymi Piemontelle

Borgogno is synonymous with Piedmont

Borgogno did as the first producer  bottled Barolo in the 19th century. Now 200 years later, quality wines are made using organic methods, as green and sustainable as possible, in the traditional Langhe style.

The Borgogno winery is located in the village of Barolo on top of a hill. Founded by farmer Bartolomeo Borgogno in 1761, the estate is one of the oldest and most prestigious wine producers in the Piedmont region. The farm's wines have been praised time and time again as top quality and elegant, and the name of the house is almost synonymous with the wonderful wines of Piedmont for many wine lovers.

Borgogno barolos are popular with wine enthusiasts, and no wonder. In the farm's cellars, the best vintages develop and mature for tens of years. But Borgogno is much more than great Barolos: the estate makes Barbera d'Alba varietal wine and Langhe Rosso, a combination of Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo. The farm's grapes beautifully express the region's terroir, and the end result is elegant and prestigious Piedmont wines that are loyal to their region.

Although the Borgogne farm has a long history behind it, the farm wants to keep an eye on the future by using modern and responsibly sustainable production methods. The farm's wines ferment spontaneously in concrete tanks, after which they mature in French oak barrels. The wines are finished in large Slavonian oak barrels.

Five different wines from the Borgogno farm are available at Alko. All of them have received good reviews from Viinilehti.

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