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Häät tulossa?

Wedding coming up?

There is no shortage of things to remember when planning the most important day of your life. Whether the party is small or big, you should be systematic when it comes to plans. One big question to be solved is the drinks service at the party. How much, with what and what to drink? We have collected below a checklist of what you should consider when planning drinks for a wedding.

Go through the day's schedule and list the moments when you need wine.

The day starts with preparation. Sparkling wine for the gas team emphasizes the uniqueness of the day. A great choice for this moment is a light, low-alcohol and approachable sparkling wine. For example, Dissegna Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry is a sure choice for both its taste and the appearance of the bottle.

What's in the backseat after "Tahto"? The champagne you enjoy in the wedding car may very well become your anniversary wine. That's why it's worth investing in this wine and making the choice memorable. In our opinion, a guaranteed choice is Champagne La Chouette de Champillon Grand Cru Brut , the Grand Cru version of the legendary owl champagne.

Skål for the newlyweds! After arriving at the wedding venue, it's time to raise a toast. Champagne or sparkling wine made with the traditional method adds to the feeling of the party. Depending on the budget, great options for an aperitif are Champagne Le Bullet Brut or Flors Blanques Cava Organic Reserva Brut . In both wines, you will find cheerfulness and freshness suitable for the theme of the party, but also dignity. If necessary, owl champagne Chouette is also available in 1.5 l magnum size.

Food time! Include the chef responsible for the food or the catering company in the discussion, and plan together which wines will work with the food served. If the choice seems difficult, we recommend red and white wine from the same producer for pairing food and wine. In addition, for example, with Italian food, Italian wine rarely goes wrong. Viinitie experts are happy to help you match food and wine. So get in touch for more details!

Dessert crowns dinner. Dessert wines are increasing in popularity and for no reason! A good dessert wine puts the finishing touch on a successful meal. The gold medalist of the sweet wines of the Wines 2021 competition from Tombola's taste world distinguishes, among other things, dried apricot and orange peel, while the whole is nevertheless pleasantly acidic.

It's time to party! At the end of the night, ease comes to the fore. Fortunately, this does not mean that quality should be compromised. These days, top wines can also be found in tap packs. For example, BattenfeldSpanier's Riesling Trocken is an excellent choice if you want high-quality riesling without the clinking of bottles.

The last slow and small pieces of the night. When the evening turns to fall, it's time for a snack. Gather the wines that have not yet been drunk during the evening at one table, put the beers and ciders in the cooler, and the party guests will take care of the rest. For beer, we recommend Moritz Original Lager from the Barcelona sun. Moritz is a great choice for beer lovers even during the entire party.

To this we just say champagne. For example, Champagne La Chouette de Champillon Premier Cru Rosé Brut works very well here. This hardly needs any further justification.

How much is enough?

One of the biggest concerns is the amount of drink: what if you run out of drink? Of course, the thirst of the wedding crowd affects the sufficient amount, but there are also a few good rules of thumb for calculating drink needs. One bottle of wine is enough for 6-7 servings, depending on the pour. Therefore, at an event for 50 people, eight bottles are needed so that each guest gets one pour of the drink offered. In addition, one tap pack contains approximately 24 servings. Some drink more, others less. That's why an easy rule to remember is to count five pours per each wedding guest. Love magnum bottles too!

For non-alcoholics there is more than just water and soda.

The popularity of non-alcoholic drinks is constantly increasing. Fortunately, these days, a non-alcoholic drink doesn't have to be just water or soda. Book a fifth of the wedding drinks as non-alcoholic options. Great alternatives are Kolonne / Null Riesling and Moritz Original 0.0% Lager . Also, keep in mind that even those who drink alcohol may want to skip a few careless ones.

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