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Pierrick Harang

Pierrick Harang

Pierrick Harang doesn't have a massive castle in his family, nor did he inherit giant vineyards from his grandfathers. But there are five generations of wine merchants and oenologists in his family, all of whom have had the same drive to produce only the best. Pierrick's father e.g. worked as the head winemaker of the famous champagne house GHMumm. Pierrick himself is not "just" a winemaker, but he also consults many wineries and comprehensively manages the wine's journey from the cellar to the cellar, to the bottle and to the connoisseur's glass. He made his first own wines in 2007 and today works closely with the cellars of Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert. In these facilities, Pierrick not only produces his own wines, but also helps in the production of other wines on the farm. According to Pierrick's philosophy, wine represents its own time, and by no means yesterday, and that is why, for example, he prefers screw caps in his bottles.

Pierrick Harang's cellar is in Perpignan, southern France, in the warm Languedoc-Roussillon wine region. The Le Petit Balthazar wines he produces are uncharacteristically low-alcohol for their region, approachable and particularly enjoyable. Pierrick has found methods to control the high alcohol levels plaguing the area. Due to the lower alcohol content, the wines also have fewer calories than average!

Pierrick's company proudly bears his own name and many acquaintances have described him with the words: elegant, cosmopolitan and funny. These descriptions also fit well with Pierrick's wines. Pierrick produces up to 900,000 bottles a year under its own name. Since 2020, the wines have had the HVE certificate.

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