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Pegasus Appassimento


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Pegasus refers to the constellation that shines in the sky above Veneto at harvest time. Appassimento refers to the production method where the grapes are dried - the result is a rich and rich wine.

Terroir, production method and ripening: The grapes are harvested by hand and whole bunches are allowed to dry for 40 days on horizontally stacked shelves in a warehouse, where air circulation and humidity balance is maintained by opening and closing windows. During drying, the weight of the grapes decreases by about 10-15%. Before fermentation, the crushed grapes spend 2 days in 16°C steel tanks to extract the deep color. After that, the wine ferments at 26-27°C for about 10 days. The wine is aged in 50% French and 50% American re-usable barrique barrels for 12 months, after which it is clarified with bentonite and filtered.

Use: As an accompaniment to rich game dishes, entrecôte and other meat dishes, or with long-aged cheeses.

Description: The aroma has berry jam-like sweetness and dark cherry. Full and rich taste, with the sweet dark berries promised by the aroma.

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We are wine wholesalers, but also winemakers. Together with our friend, Mirko Sella, who runs the family farm in San Cassiano, we wanted to bring to the market wines made using the traditional appassimento method, with an intense flavor profile that delights.
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