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Viña de Bululú

Viña de Bululú

De Andrés Sisters is the wine project of sisters Ruth and Ana, which was born from the desire to offer carefully selected quality wines at approachable price points. Of the siblings, Ruth has been known since childhood for her ability to smell different things, and so she finally worked on her talent after studying chemistry at the universities of Oviedo and oenology at the universities of Valladolid. Little sister Ana is the iron leader of the project, well organized and strong-willed. Ana's studies also brought her to the University of Turku in time, in addition to the universities of Salamanca and Green Bay. Together, Andrés' siblings are a concise and professional team!

Together with Bodega Don Juan del Águila, founded in 1950 in the Sierra de Gredos region, the siblings have created a red wine from the Garnacha variety that feels and tastes like the granitic soil of the area, the lofty orchards and the old vines. exceptionalism. Don Juan del Águila works to save the old, almost abandoned Garnacha vines and is committed to rewarding his winegrowers for preserving the heritage of the vineyards. The age of the vines varies between 75 and 110 years, and they grow in groves that reach a height of 853-1096 meters. In the province of Avila, north of Madrid, in addition to old bush vines, pine trees, oak trees and bushes grow, and the orchards are not planted in the same linear way as in many other wine regions. Grapes collected from the Alto Alberche sub-region make a wine that takes its name from the old theater world of the Baroque era, where a comedian traveling from village to village was called Bululu.

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