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Van Nahmen

Van Nahmen

Van Nahmen has been known for its high-quality and pure fruit juices for well over a hundred years. Wilhelm van Nahmen founded the farm in 1917 initially to produce apple juice, but today the farm produces products made from numerous different berries and fruits, all of which are united by respect for their raw materials. The farm produces not only concentrated fruit nectars and juices, but also bubbly drinks, ciders and flavored bubbly teas.

The production of the family farm run by the fourth generation focuses on fruits grown using organic methods, many of which represent very old varieties. The sugar and acid contents of the final products are balanced, and the flavors of the raw materials stand out clearly. Often, when choosing non-alcoholic food drinks, you have to compromise on taste and quality, but this is by no means the case with Van Nahmen's products. For a reason, Van Nahmen's non-alcoholic drinks have found their way onto the lists of several of the world's top restaurants, and finally these drinks are also available in Finland.

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