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St. Andrea

St. Andrea

The Eger region is located in the northeastern corner of Hungary near the Bükk Mountains. Thanks to its cool climate, the region produces vibrantly acidic and richly aromatic wines with remarkable elegance. The soil in the area is also very multidimensional and layered. The plateau's vineyards are located on volcanic subsoil with a thick layer of clay on top. On the slopes, the soil layers alternately consist of limestone, shale, sandstone, zeolite and calcareous clay. The highest orchards in Hungary can also be found in Eger, where vines grow up to 500 meters high.

Vines have been proven to grow in the Eger area for millennia. Although more white wines have been produced than red wines, the region is internationally known specifically for its red wine, Egi Bikavér. The first red varieties, such as Kadarka, only gained a foothold in the area properly after the destruction caused by the vine aphid. Because the wines of the region have a lot of structure, they are well suited for aging in oak barrels. Under socialist rule, when quantity was more important than quality, Egri Bikavér became the country's best-known and most widespread wine style. Today's examples do bear the old name of the wine style, but have contributed to making Eger one of Hungary's most interesting and watchable wine regions as they take leaps and bounds towards quality wine production.

Located in the area, the multi-awarded St. Andrea family farm cultivates several old Hungarian varieties, such as Olaszrizling, Hárslevelű, Furmint, Kadarka and Kékfrankos. There are 20 different types of grapes in total. An essential part of Eger's wine style is mixing grapes together. Both the red Egri Bikavér and the white Egri Csillag are made from several different varieties. This is also how the Napbor Egri Csillag in the selections of Viinitie is a triumph of many white varieties. A respected oenologist Dr György Lőrincz together with his son György Together with Lőrincz Junior, St. Andrea's wines have set an example for many other Hungarian wine producers. The farm started in 2002, when Lőrincz was asked to establish a new age winery. In a short time, the two have become downright icons in the Hungarian wine world.

St. Andrea's vineyards are located in four different areas, on nine different plots. In total, the nursery areas cover 45 hectares. The farm's goal is to bring Eger and its wines as strong and interesting phenomena to the world's wine map.

The farm's annual production is around 280,000 bottles.

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