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Operating in Rheinhessen, Germany, SpanierGillot gets its name quite naturally, from the surnames of its founders. The parties met in a project aimed at improving the quality of Rheinhessen wines. The unexpected encounter produced tangible results: marriage and the SpanierGillot wine brand. Both Olivier and Caroline are still managing their family farms: Olivier at BattenfeldSpanier and Caroline at Kühling-Gillot.

SpanierGillot is located in Hohen-Sülzen in southern Rheinhessen, a stone's throw from Frankfurt. Rheinhessen is quite a suitable area for wine growing, even though it is located in the northernmost latitudes of the wine map: the Haardt mountain towering in the west protects the area from too much rain, and the Rhine river flowing next to it softens the continental climate, known for its harsh winters, to a favorable one for vines.

The soil in the nurseries is a combination of red shale and limestone. Limestone occurs in layers twenty centimeters thick, through which the roots of the vines have to penetrate to get water and minerals. The shale stone waiting below the limestone layer is fragile and porous in composition, thanks to which rainwater flows through the soil layers quickly, and does not accumulate in the surface layers of the soil. In addition to its good water permeability, slate retains heat, which helps the grapes to ripen optimally in the cooler autumn weather. Lightly ripened grapes produce aromatic wines with both excellent acidity and concentrated, pure fruit.

The Kalkglimmer wines found in Viinitie's selection mean the glitter of lime. Both wines get their names from the exceptional lime of the orchards, which is impregnated by Katikulla. Stones glittering like gold are worthless to a gold digger obsessed with precious metals, but a joy-producing detail to a winemaker working in orchards, caressed by the bright sunlight.

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