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The history of Scrimaglio began a hundred years ago in Piedmont, in the Nizza Monferrato region. Although the Scrimaglio family has lived in Piedmont since the 17th century, when the family's ancestors fled French Huguenot persecutions and settled in the area. At the same time, the family's surname was changed from Escrimeaux to the more Italian Scrimaglio. The family's position in the new residential area became so well established over the years that the residential area even began to be called Regione Scrimaglio. Today, the area is known as Nizza Monferrato.

In 1920, Pietro Scrimaglio established his wine cellar in the hills around his father Francesco's orchards. After the Second World War, Francesco's grandchildren Franco and Mario, and later Pier and Francesco of the next generation, began to build the estate's story on a stronger foundation, expanding the wine selection and opening the export market outside of Italy. In the 1980s, Scrimaglio was one of the most important wineries in the rebirth of the Barbera d'Asti region. In this case, the family decided to focus on producing a traditional style and bringing out the grape's own characteristics in their wines. For a long time, Barbera was mainly known in home kitchens in the region as an everyday wine, but at the turn of the millennium the situation changed. Again, Scrimaglio was one of the producers who lobbied strongly for the Nice sub-region, and in 2014, together with other producers in the region, they managed to get the local quality organization to recognize the Nice DOCG as their own sub-region.

Scrimaglio's tireless work for the recognition of the region's local varieties has produced numerous international awards for the farm's wines. In particular, Gambero Rosso's Tre Bicchieri designation for the estate's Barbera d'Asti Superiore year after year shows that the 1980s decision to refrain from traditional production methods was the right one. On the eve of the centennial celebration, Scrimaglio decided to join the Terre da Vino group, thanks to which the farm's wines are increasingly available around the world.

Together with the sister brand Vite Colte, the farm owns about 300 hectares and the annual production is about one million bottles.

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