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Robert Weil

Robert Weil

At Weingut Robert Weil, grapes have been cultivated for the fourth generation . Dr. Robert Weil bought the first kennels of the farm in Kiedricher Berg in 1867. The Franco-German war of 1870-1871 forced Weil to leave his German professorship at the Sorbonne University and he settled in Kiedrich. Along with his career as a journalist, he began to expand the orchard area and soon the wines from the orchards began to be sold on the international market as well. In 1893, with the wine of the Gräfenberg vineyard, the farm finally rose to global fame.

Robert Weil's son Dr. Wilhelm Weil took over the farm in 1920 and led it through the challenging decades of the early 20th century. The estate has belonged to the VDP organization of top German wine producers since 1907. Wilhelm's son Robert, who ran the estate since 1959, revived the estate's reputation as a Riesling producer after the difficult war years, and today, once again baptized as Wilhelm, Robert's son continues on the path pioneered by his ancestors.

The Weil farm has 90 hectares of orchards, all of which are fully planted with Riesling. Kiedrich's village farms are located in the upper parts of the slopes of Taunus, with the steepest plots reaching 240 meters high. The plots of Klosterberg, Turmberg and Gräfenberg head southwest, allowing the grapes to ripen even until November. We work in the orchards in an environmentally friendly way, limiting the amount of harvest, and carefully selecting the grapes. The same attention is also observed in the cellar, where the pressed juices are allowed to clarify before fermentation in steel tanks of different sizes and in old traditional 1200- and 2400-liter stückfass barrels. In the production of semi-dry and sweet wines, the fermentation is interrupted by cooling, and the wines are allowed to mature for a long time on the lees.

Robert Weil was just selected as one of the wineries on Wine & Spirits Magazine's Top 100 Wineries of 2022 list. Awesome!

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