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Proelio means struggle in Latin, and this is exactly what the project started by Javier Palacios is about in 2012: the struggle to save old and high-altitude vineyards from being lost. Proelio is the latest project of Palacios Vinos de Finca and complements Trusi from Ribera del Duero and Nivarius, which focuses on white wines from Rioja.

Old and wise Garnacha, Tempranillo and Graciano vines grow in the orchards of Proelio, which do not produce a rich harvest, but even more lively and expressive grapes. In the wines made from grapes, you can first feel their texture, which is balanced by the rich, but free fruitiness. Together with terroir consultant Pedro Parra, these plots located in different parts of the Rioja region have been carefully analyzed and categorized according to their potential.

The farm has 80 hectares of its own nurseries, and in addition, the farm rents 30 hectares of plots owned by others. The shelters are located in the villages of Albelda de Iregua, Briones, Nalda, San Vicente de La Sonsierra, Elvillar, Baños de Ebro, Liza and Badarán. All shelters are united by their high location and cool microclimate. One of the farm's flagship gardens is located in La Asperilla, where, according to legend, the Battle of Clavijo took place between King Ramiro I of Asturias and the Muslims. It is to this column that Javier decided to focus on producing red Rioja wines in the first place on the estate he named Proelio.

By analyzing the soil of the plots and the vitality of the vines, Proelio's garden work has been modified to suit the individual needs of each plot and to respect the living conditions of the vines. Many of the nurseries are located up to 800 meters above sea level and face north. Consequently, the grapes ripen at varying temperatures with cool nights balancing hot and sunny days. As with other PVF wineries, Proelio's wine production also takes place under natural conditions. Grape stems are used as compost in the nurseries, other vegetation is allowed to flourish between the rows of vines, and no chemicals are used in the nurseries. Solar panels are also used in the winery's energy production.

The farm's annual production is around 350,000 bottles.

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