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The historical name of Oddero has been known in La Morra since the 18th century. Giovanni Battista Oddero produced the first wines bearing the estate's name at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, and his sons Lorenzo and Luigi also followed in his footsteps. In the beginning, wines were sold to America in small barrels and glass demijohns, for example, until Giacomo Oddero bottled the farm's first batch of wine in 1878. About 70 years later, in the 1950s, Giacomo's grandson, named after his grandfather, Giacomo renovated the ancient family farm and began to work hard to improve the quality of all the wines in the province of Cuneo. He can partly be thanked for the many DOC and DOCG classifications known in the area today. Thanks to Giacomo, in 1997 a research center for the Alba truffle was also established. Therefore, hats off to the Lord for the development work on one of the world's culinary delights!

With Giacomo Oddero, Poderi e Cantine Oddero established its foothold in the Piedmont region, expanded its vineyards, increased its production volumes and achieved its current global reputation. Today, the legacy of Giacomo and the estate is nurtured by his daughter Mariacristina together with her niece Isabella and her son Pietro. The young people, who represent the seventh generation of their family, have brought more and more elegance and innovation to the operation of the farm, as well as a production philosophy that respects the environment. Although Oddero's name brings to the minds of many Piedmont lovers traditional know-how, the farm has not been left behind in technological development, but combines today's know-how with the experience it has gained over the centuries.

Located in La Morra's Santa Maria, the estates look out over the hills of Langhe, and from there you can see part of the farm's 35 hectares of paddocks. Nebbiolo is cultivated on 16.5 hectares of orchards, and in addition to the vineyards, the family owns 6 hectares of hazelnut trees. Several family-owned animal shelters have the MGA classification and animal shelters can be found in the villages of La Morra, Serralunga d'Alba, Monforte d'Alba, Castiglione Falletto, Verduno, Neive, Trezzo Tinella and Nizza Monferrato. Oddero is one of the most important landowners in the Piedmont region.

Since 2008, the shelters have been experimenting with organic methods of operation, which have been gradually deepened. First, chemical pesticides were omitted and pheromones were used to control pests. The soil is enriched with organic fertilizers and compost, and other vegetation is cultivated between the vine rows. Today, all nurseries of red varieties are certified for organic production. The cornerstones of Oddero's production are persistence, patience, and respect for the region and raw materials. In cutting the vines, thinning the grapes, harvesting, pressing the bunches, as well as in the long fermentation and maturation process, we work with extreme concentration and precision. The farm consists of a modern winery built in 2015 and an 18th-century cellar, where the wines are allowed to mature in large Austrian, Slavonian and French oak barrels. The electricity needs of the cellars are self-sufficiently produced with the help of solar panels, and the precisely sealed spaces ensure the optimal ripening conditions for the wines, both in terms of temperature and humidity.

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