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Mad Wines

Mad Wines

Few wineries can boast of such a long and respectable history as the Hungarian Mad Wines, whose vineyards located in the village of Mád were classified among the first in the world in 1732. The estate was founded in 2008 by István Szepsy Jr., the 18th-generation son of cult producer István Szepsy, and two a Hungarian businessman. From the beginning, the space's mission has been to bring out the originality of the Tokaj region by all possible means. These methods include, for example, continuous research work on vines and wines, working with high-quality clones, maximizing the characteristics of individual vineyards, guiding contract growers in the care of vineyards, paying compensation up to five times higher than the average price for harvested grapes, and limiting harvests.

Mad Wines is located in the village of Mád, in Tokaj, northeastern Hungary. The winery owns 20 hectares of vineyards in 11 different villages. Most of the farm's wines are made from the white Furmint variety. Furmint is the most used grape variety in Hungary and many people consider the village of Mád as Hungary's Furmint mecca. The volcanoes that erupted millions of years ago have formed the mineral-rich soil of the area, which is suitable for the cultivation of quality wine. The soil consists of strata with, among other things, red clay, zeolite, rhyolite and quartz.

Mad Wines strives to produce elegant quality wines that embody the characteristics of the Mád region, the vineyard and the grape variety used, without forgetting drinkability. In the winemaker's opinion, the prerequisites for a first-class level are not only top orchards, but also vines whose age is at least 20-25 years old. During the harvest season, active crop pruning (green harvest) plays an important role in order to maximize the concentration of the remaining grape bunches. The winery uses modern winemaking technology in its production to the extent that it is considered to be in balance with historical values.

Most of the farm's wines are made from Furmint, and the portfolio is divided into three different series. Regional and village wines ferment in temperature-controlled steel tanks, while dry and traditional sweet wines made from single-vineyard grapes ferment and mature in 300-liter Hungarian oak barrels. An essential part of the farm's philosophy is also related to fostering community and the region's winemaking traditions. The estate cooperates with local small farmers and encourages them to produce high-quality wine. The farm makes sure that the farmers invest in high-quality farming methods, and the farm's workforce consists of local Tokaj residents of the younger generation. The bottle model Mad Wines uses for its wines was designed on the farm itself, and its elegance has also charmed many other producers in the region, who have started using the same bottle model with their own wines. On this day, all the bottles on the farm are closed with Vinolok tops, in order to minimize bottle variation and the possibility of cork failure.

Over the past few years, the farm has invested in the recognition and accessibility of its brand, which means that starting in 2017, all of the farm's wines have been produced under the Mad Wines name instead of the former Szent Tamás. The farm also takes care of ecology, and uses solar panels, rainwater collectors and geothermal heat.

The farm's annual production is around 350,000 bottles.

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