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Les Equilibristes

Les Equilibristes

Les Equilibristes is a collective of passionate winemakers who not only produce wines, but also share their experiences and know-how with each other, with the aim of breaking the habit and creating something new in wine. The starting points of the project are inclusiveness, participation and working together. Premises for production include organically cultivated grapes that are at their best in each growing area, using old vine material instead of clones when planting beds, ensuring soil aeration and biodynamic cultivation methods, natural yeast strains and refraining from manipulation, use of neutral maturing vessels, and low amounts of sulphite.

The project started in 2010, when François, who runs a restaurant and a wine shop in Paris, decided to accompany winemaker Florentine to the different wine regions of France at harvest time. This was the beginning of the collective, which was officially founded in 2017. Instead of the traditional regional winery thinking, the duo wanted to bring interesting people and the wines they make together, even though the wines are made in different parts of the country. The name of the collective was chosen as Les Equilibristes, referring to the tightrope walkers who, like these wines, are airy, elegant and move at the extremes.

All of the collective's wines are produced near the vineyards, from where they are bottled and transported to Bergerac to be stored in Florentine. Mylène also has a lodge in Bergerac, which helps in bringing the wines to the world. The collective currently includes eight different producers, with whom François and Florent are in constant contact, sharing their ideas and challenging each other. These wines taste of endless vitality and thirst for life!

The collective's total annual production is 90,000 bottles.

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