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Lazerac Winery is a historical landmark and icon of the Stellenbosch region, with a history dating back to 1692. The farm is actually the third oldest in the region, established just 13 years after Stellenbosch was founded. The estate is known, among other things, for bottling the world's first Pinotage. Located in the Jonkershoek Valley, the winery is surrounded by dramatic mountains, endless rows of vines and giant oak trees. The area is especially known for its nature park, where almost 10,000 different plants grow, some of which can only be found there. The soil in the area consists mainly of red clay.

The first vines were planted on the farm by Isaax Schrijver, who named the farm Schhongezicht, which means lovely landscape. The first cellar on the farm was built in the early 19th century. In 1920, the ownership of the farm passed to Elizabeth Catherina English, who changed the name of the farm to Lanzerac, possibly after the French general who led the troops in the First World War. "Kitty" had time to modernize the farm during his nine-year ownership relationship, after which the farm ended up in the hands of Jacobus Tribelhorn. During his time, the farm expanded and the quality of the wines improved even more. The next owner, Angus Batts Buchanan, won several different awards for the farm's wines, making Lanzerac the leading brand in the region. His nephew David Rawdon bought the farm in 1958, transforming it into the present-day entity.In addition to winemaking, the farm now also houses a five-star hotel with restaurants and spas.

The current owners of Lanzerac have operated the farm since 2012, and the farm has been renovated ever since. In the spring of 2017, a major fire closed the hotel for a year, but finally in July 2018, Lanzerac reopened its doors, and now combines its rugged history with today's luxury. Lanzerac has an IPW environmental certificate and a WIETA certificate, which aims to ensure ethically sustainable working and living conditions for employees and equal treatment.

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