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Located in the Swartland, Lammershoek produces quality wines in the Paardeberg Valley. Since 2019, the farm has been owned by German-born Andreas Abold together with his Swiss friend Fedor Radmann. Former soccer player Franz Beckenbauer stepped aside for the management of the farm at the time, but is still a staunch supporter of the farm, after whom the farm's flagship wine Libero No 5 is named.

Lammershoek's name refers to the cornering of sheep, and the farm served for a long time as a shelter for lambs and lambs that have given birth from predatory eagles. The farm's first owner, Adriaan van Jaarsveld, was an 18th-century colonist who established the farm to graze animals. Later, the farm was converted to viticulture, and today the estates cover the entire 180 hectares of the county.

The Paardeberg valley area is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The Mediterranean climate with little rain and the nutrient-poor growing medium keep the orchards' harvests low, which is why the grapes are highly concentrated. Small and intensely flavored grapes produce wines with enough aroma and structure. Lammershoek has 60 hectares of vineyards that extend from 80 to 300 meters above sea level. The soil is mainly granite and the vines grow as bushy bushes. The oldest vines were planted in 1966 and are therefore part of the local Old Vine Project, which takes into account the regional heritage carried by the old vines. Although there are many different varieties growing in the orchards, Chenin Blanc covers 60% of the white grapes and Syrah the same amount of reds.

A special feature of Swartland grapes is their early phenolic maturity, due to which the natural acidity of the grapes is still preserved at the time of harvest. The grapes are collected early in the morning in the cool hours. In the cellars, the grapes are treated with dignity, and the sense of origin they carry with them is not wanted to be spoiled by manipulative winemaking methods. In the cellars you can find large oak barrels, cement tanks, egg-shaped fermentation vessels and clay amphorae. The winemaker on the farm is Schalk Opperman.

At Lammershoek, we take responsibility for the team's employees and their families by offering children kindergarten and school attendance support and constantly improving the living conditions of the employees.

The farm's annual production is around 120-140,000 bottles.

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