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Kolonne / Null

Kolonne / Null

We love drinking wine and luckily we have made a profession out of our passion and enjoyment. Sometimes, however, it would be wonderful to enjoy wine without its intoxicating effect. Friends Moritz Zyrewitz and Philipp Rößle, who have been around art and start-up circles for a long time, also ended up doing the same. Gentlemen's weekday evenings were filled with various events, where wine was always available. As the alternatives offered were invariably sugary sodas or otherwise boring, there was almost no other option left but to politely accept a glass of wine. By the end of the week, the friends were completely exhausted due to low-quality night sleep and other negative side effects of alcohol. In the summer of 2018, they decided that something had to be done about it, because "you can't drink alcohol every day".

After researching and experimenting with non-alcoholic drinks and especially non-alcoholic wines, the duo concluded that the quality of the offer was not enough for them. Due to their entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism, Moritz and Philipp decided that they could create something completely new and better themselves. They teamed up with a friend who had studied brewing and started contacting wine producers to find interesting collaborators for their project. This started a series of numerous experiments, with which an understanding of the suitability of the raw material for the project began to form. The gentlemen stated that you cannot get a high-quality alcohol-free wine from any wine, so in order to find suitable partners and wines, they tasted a lot of different wines and prepared numerous test batches.

Kolonne Null operates from Berlin, but extends its production to various wine-growing regions in Germany, such as Mosel, Nahe and Württemberg. The quality of the raw materials of the final products is indicated by the fact that if the raw materials of non-alcoholic wines were not used for the gentlemen's project, they would be sold on the market as ordinary wines. Some of the wine producers even belong to the VDP association of German quality wine producers! Each batch of wine is unique and experiments are constantly being done to improve the final results. Often, the final wine is blended from batches of wine matured in both steel tanks and oak barrels. Alcohol is removed from wines using a vacuum distillation device. The advantage of the device is that the alcohol evaporates already at a temperature of 30°C, so the wine does not lose its aromas. Nothing other than sugar and carbon dioxide is added to the wines, and thus they are also vegan-friendly. Sugar is added in as pure a form as possible, because we don't want aromas from grape juice or other ingredients in the wines, so that they taste as much as possible like real wines. The sugar content of the wines is also kept low, around 30g/l, which is why they are also perfectly suitable for the dinner table. Believe us when we say, it really is. We have never tasted better non-alcoholic wines than these wines before.

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