Jordi Llorens

Jordi Llorens

Jordi Llorens' farm is located in the small village of Blancafort, sheltered by the Conca de Barberà hills, about 35 kilometers inland from the coast. There are orchards in the 15-hectare area, but Jordi sells the majority of the grapes he grows to local producers. The grapes used for our own production come from the farm's best orchards, which consist of rows of vines planted in a natural amphitheater. Jordi has been conjuring fine-tuned, almost weightless, but well-balanced ripe wines from the exceptionally calcareous soil since 2008, when the sympathetic Catalan's first own vintage saw the light of day.

Jordi is a wine grower in the eighth generation. The vineyards he manages are most densely populated by the Maccabeu, Parellada, Garnatxa, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varieties. The area has a Mediterranean climate, although the temperatures are lower than usual, because the shelters rise to a height of 400-600 meters. The orchards are worked according to biodynamic principles and the wines are made without added sulfites or other additives.

The farm's own annual production remains at a minimal 8,000 bottles.

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