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What do you do when the Czech wine is so good that you want to hold on to it? Then you have to return to it again and again - just like, according to legend, to Prague. Franz Kafka, the interpreter of the modern world, once wrote about his hometown: Prague is like a mother with nails. A hug that won't let go .

Having lost our hearts to Prague and Czech culture, we wanted to find a wine in the country that would be as captivating as Prague itself. According to Kafka, the wine was named Drapy, which means nails in Czech. We wanted to create a white wine that shows how wonderfully fresh wines are created in the hands of today's Czech artisans. A wine that would rather bring to mind the crystal-clear charm of Austria's Wachau than the old-line Czech wines, from which the unskillful handling of noble grapes tends to make them heavy.

We met dozens of producers and tasted hundreds of wines. Finally, after meeting Mikrosvin from Moravia, one of the best producers in the Czech Republic, we knew that this was the beginning of a great new chapter in the story of Czech wines. We were both driven forward by the same goal: cleanliness, freshness and enjoyment. As a long-time creator, Roman Secka and his team knew how to make sophisticated Veltlinské Zelené - or Grüner Veltliner - white wine in the Czech Republic.

Dry and stringy with acids, Drapy is like a good story whose heart is revealed layer by layer. The wine holds you in its grip, because even from the glass we are left with a captivating feeling: No matter how fresh it is - we have to have more of this! It's no wonder if this wine makes you want to hit your nails right away.


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