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Domaine La Louvière

Domaine La Louvière

Domaine La Louvière is a top quality winery that has become one of the most successful in the region over the past 20 years. Wine is made with passion and respect for the environment. We moved into certified organic production in 2013. The house's production is a successful mix of tradition and modernity: traditions are maintained and viticulture is based on traditional methods, but the winemaking itself relies on modern technology.

The estate of Domaine La Louvière is located in the Catharé hills, in the Malepère wine region. The area's name Malepère (Male Peyre = bad stone) refers to the quality of the soil, which is poorly suited for construction, but excellent for viticulture. The soil is a combination of clay, sand, limestone and large boulders. The challenging terrain forces the Winemakers to do most of the work by hand, which is not a bad thing at all for a wine lover. The boulders store heat during the day, which they release during the cool nights, protecting the vines. Challenging soil forces the vine roots to do more work, making them stronger and able to penetrate deeper into the ground, thus getting more nutrients from the soil.

The estate of Domaine La Louvière takes its name from the myth that the hill on which the estate is located was in past centuries a gathering place for wolves (La Louvière = place of the wolf). After sunset, the wolves began howling to gather their pack and begin their hunt. From the top of the hill, the wolves could see the surrounding terrain and the winds carried the scent of prey animals hiding on the hill. The same reasons that, according to myth, made the area ideal for wolves also make it ideal for wine growing. The vines are pampered with plenty of sunlight and winds coming from the sea. The location of the area guarantees that the winds come alternately from the Mediterranean and alternately from the Atlantic.

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