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Dit Celler

Dit Celler

Dit Celler comes from the DO Montsant region, the heart of Spain's Catalan province. Dit Celler is the first organic winery in the region that embraces the legendary Priorat wine production area, surrounding it from all directions. The farm's production is small in quantity, only about 75,000 bottles annually, but its quality is even higher.

Behind Dit Celler is Dani Sanchez, also known from Azul y Garanza, who produced his first wine in the region in 2008. Dani's belief in the potential of the Montsant region is as firm as a bedrock. Speaking of which, the soil composition is probably the only thing that separates Montsant from its famous big brother, Priorat. The climate and grape varieties are similar, as are the landforms and winemaking methods. Only Montsant's red soil reveals that its composition contains other things than the typical shale of its neighbor, namely iron-rich clay and white stones.

It's a lucky accident that Priorat next to Montsant is world famous. Due to its star status, the price level of Priorat has skyrocketed, as a result of which the consumer has to pay astronomical sums for the wine. Montsant, on the other hand, is still waiting for its international discovery, which means two things: the connoisseur does not have to break his piggy bank to enjoy a delicious wine, and secondly, that Dani Sanchez should not trade winemaking for playing golf in Thailand just yet.

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