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Comando G

Comando G

Taking its name from the Japanese science cartoon, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Comando G is the wine project of Daniel Gomez Jimenez-Landi and Fernando Garcia in the Sierra de Gredos area of central Spain. In Sierra de Gredos, located less than 100 kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the city of Madrid, one can enjoy of cooler climate than in the capital and mountain landscapes that are unmistakably reminiscent of the Italian Apennines. The area, which is divided under the Madrid and Mentrida quality classifications, was profiled for a long time as the home of simple table wines, but fortunately, in the difficult-to-reach mountain area, a handful of old vineyards have also been preserved, the production of which the bulk houses have not interfered with. Reviving these old vineyards is what Comando G is all about.

Daniel and Fernando, who became friends in their school days, are both from wine families – Daniel is known from the Jimenez-Landi winery, Fernando's roots go to Bodegas Marañones. The friends were attracted by the idea of winemaking in small, hard-to-reach vineyards, and in 2008 the men signed leases for their first plots. Daniel and Fernando work according to biodynamic principles.

Grenache is one of the rising stars of today's wine world, and a new generation of producers are making wines from the grape that are more similar in style to Pinot Noir or Cinsault than the overtly extracted jam-like examples of yesteryear. The old bushy Grenache vines spared from the trend of planting international varieties produce incredibly tasty, aromatic, elegant and long-lived wines in skilled hands. The three-year certification of the farm's vineyards for organic production is underway, as although the vineyards have always been worked with organic and biodynamic methods, the estate has not previously applied for certification.

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