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Château Les Charmes Godard

Château Les Charmes Godard

Nicolas Thienpont, who belongs to the Thienpont family of Belgian origin, was not supposed to become a wine grower. He spent his childhood on Puygueraud's farm in the Côtes de France, but went on to study law and philosophy, and was soon fascinated by the thoughts of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Nicolas ended up teaching philosophy in Reims, but then moved to HR manager in a company in the south of France. After a few years, however, the invitation of wine made him rethink his career choices.

In 1983, Nicolas returned to the Puygueraud farm, taking it over from his parents, who had acquired the farm for themselves in 1946. Nicolas began to learn the principles of viticulture and winemaking by reading books written on the subject and working between the rows of vines. Following in the footsteps of his father's pioneering work, Nicolas managed to draw attention to the largely unknown region of the Côtes de Francs, which received its own AOC designation in 1967. Today, the region and its wines are praised for their beauty, authenticity and undeniably excellent value for money.

In 1988, Nicolas Thienpont acquired the neighboring estate of Les Charmes Godard, with the dream of producing an elegant Bordeaux white wine that would be able to compete with the better known white wines of the left bank. Along with red varieties, 1.5 hectares of Sémillon, Sauvignon Gris and Muscadelle grew on the farm's limestone and clay soil, which offered Nicolas the opportunity to realize his dream. Tasting these multidimensional and cellarable treasures, you will understand why Herra is today considered one of the best, most exciting and innovative wine producers in Bordeaux.

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