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Château Léoube

Château de Plaisance

Located between Nice and Marseille, a stone's throw from St. Tropez, Cap Bénat creates a mild mesoclimate for Château Léoube's certified organic vineyards, warmed by 3,000 annual hours of sunshine and cooled by ocean currents. The soil is acidic, consisting of shale and clay, which helps to collect and retain moisture. With this, the vegetation in the area receives enough water all year round.

The farm has a long history, but since 1997, Romain Ott, the representative of the wine growing family in the fourth generation, has been responsible for running the farm and wine production. The ideology of the current owners is strongly characterized by sustainable development farming, biodiversity enrichment and traditional methods that do not burden nature. The estate of Château Léoube consists of an area of 560 hectares, of which 420 hectares are pure forest. There are currently 70 hectares of vines in production. In addition, 25 hectares of olive trees grow in the area, the oldest of which are up to 700 years old. After the production of olive oil, the final raw materials are used, for example, in the production of soap and various beauty care products. In addition, many Provençal herbs grow in the area, such as rosemary and sage. The production is certified organic and biodynamic principles are also followed, for example when picking the grapes by hand, taking into account the movements of the moon. The paddocks are also not irrigated artificially and in winter they are looked after by a herd of sheep. Around the nurseries, other vegetation, such as bushes, is also being planted in increasing quantities, which further diversify the area's biodiversity. In 2021, there are plans to plant up to 500 fruit trees on the farms. All old wood material is used on the farm, either to heat Café Léoube's pizza oven or for decoration, or as part of the compost.

Especially known for its rosé wines, Léoube cultivates its grapes specifically for the production of rosé wine, and the wines are not just by-products of red wines, like many other wineries.

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