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Champagne Pierre Péters

Champagne Pierre Péters

Located in the village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, the Pierre Peters farm is one of the first farmers to become world famous. Already in its sixth generation, the family farm started in 1919, so the farm has been tending its limestone paddocks with piety for a hundred years. In the production of wines, only grapes from our own orchards are used, and today the vineyard areas cover a good 19 hectares, located mainly in the villages of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger, Avize and Cramant. No herbicides or insecticides are used in the care of the shelters, and half of the shelters use natural methods to combat pests. The orchards are also planted according to the selection massale principle, in which case they maintain and continue the farm's 100-year history. The average age of shelters is currently 30 years.

Already in 1858, Gaspar Péters from Luxembourg married Miss Doué, who owned 2 hectares in Le Mesnil, and started cultivating champagne grapes. However, Gaspar harvested the orchards together with his son Louis Joseph, and only his son Camille decided in 1919 to harvest the grapes himself and process and bottle the wine under his own name. Although the world was hit by an economic crisis at the end of the 1920s, Camille stubbornly decided to start building the brand Camille Péters. In 1930, he managed to acquire a plot of 2.5 hectares in Les Chétillons. After Camille passed away suddenly in 1944, her eldest son Pierre took over the estate, and in the same year released the first wine that bore Pierre's own name instead of his father's. After also losing his mother, Pierre had to combine taking care of his younger sisters and their education with taking care of his own Côte des Blancs nurseries. After twenty years, it was Pierre's time to transfer the activities of the estate to his son François, who continued not only to grow the vineyard areas of the estate, but also worked for the recognition of the wines throughout France and the world. Nowadays, the farm is managed by Rodolphe Péters, who had previously worked for 12 years as an enologist and winemaker at other wine and champagne farms. Rodolphe took over the family farm in 2008 and since then has taken the farm's winemaking in an even higher quality direction.

The style of the farm's champagnes has always been Blanc de Blancs, but in 2009, the rosé champagne Rosé for Albane was launched for the first time. The farm has also managed to acquire a new plot of Montjoly in the village of Mesnil, the production of which was enjoyed for the first time in 2019. The flagship wine of the farm is Les Chétillons, located in the village of Mesnil, whose vines are up to 45 years old. Each of the three parcels of the orchard is vinified separately and blended in the appropriate amount to make a vintage orchard champagne. Winemaking is guided by the idea of precision. Whole bunches are picked by hand and carefully transported to be pressed. The pressing is done slowly to get the most refined juice for the selected vintage champagne. The wines age in small steel tanks at a precisely controlled temperature. Thanks to the long lees maturation, the wines develop multidimensional and long-lived, and the reserve wine combining up to 20 vintages brings layers to the Cuvée de Reserve.

The farm's annual production is around 150,000 bottles.

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