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Cantina Tramin

Cantina Tramin

In Italy's northernmost wine region, Alto Adige, the best features of both Italian and Austrian history, culture and lifestyle seamlessly blend together. The wines of the region are also apt to communicate the ability of both countries to produce gastronomically world-famous noble drinks. The vineyards located on the slopes of the Dolomites rise at varying heights of 250-850 meters, expressing their northern origin with their aromaticity caused by temperature fluctuations between nights and days. Fresh acidity and precision are brought to the wines by the limestone vineyards that serve as their growing medium and the cooling Ora wind blowing from Lake Garda.

The story of Cantina Tramin, one of the best cooperatives in the region, began in 1889 with the dream of Christian Schrott, a priest who is a member of the Austrian parliament, to bring the results of the work done by the winegrowers of the unique church village to the general public. At the end of the century, the low price level of wines threatened the livelihood of many local farmers, which is why Schrott decided to unite the farmers by creating a cooperative that would guarantee the farmers an annual income. The same promise and dream is at the core of Cantina Tramin's operations even today, when its community of 165 winegrowing families produces internationally recognized and valued wines on the 270 hectares they cultivate. The health and quality of the nurseries is carefully taken care of by hand, and weed killers are not used lazily. The selections include numerous local and international varieties, and especially the wines made from the Gewürztraminer variety have made the farm famous.

Willi Stürz, who in 2004 was chosen as the best winemaker in Italy, has been the winemaker of the estate for more than 25 years. Thanks to him, one of Cantina Tramin's wines, Epokale 2009, made from late-picked Gewürztraminer grapes, was the first Italian white wine to earn a full 100 points from The Wine Advocate.

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