Can Xa

Can Xa

De Andrés Sisters is the wine project of sisters Ruth and Ana, which was born from the desire to offer carefully selected quality wines at approachable price points. The siblings' cavas bear the family nickname Can Xa. The name was given to the family of Ruth's husband from near Barcelona, who were known in their home village for their horses, and for the horses' house called Xa. Can Xa cavas are produced in collaboration with Jordi and Anna Emendis, who run the winery in Penedès. Masia Puigmoltò's 47 hectares of orchards surround the winery, and all of the estate's sparkling wines are made from their own grapes, which grow in the Castellet and Gornal areas. The soil in the orchards is clay, and its abundance of magnesium gives the wines a noticeable acidity. Although from the outside the estate looks like a traditional farm, inside the buildings there is brand new technology, which ensures the high quality of the wines.

Of the siblings, Ruth has been known since childhood for her ability to smell different things, and so she finally worked on her talent after studying chemistry at the universities of Oviedo and oenology at the universities of Valladolid. Little sister Ana is the iron leader of the project, well organized and strong-willed. Ana's studies also brought her to the University of Turku in time, in addition to the universities of Salamanca and Green Bay. Together, Andrés' siblings are a concise and professional team!

The grapes used for sparkling wines, the traditional Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada, are collected by hand in 20 kg boxes. Although the journey from the orchards to the cellar is short, the grapes are cooled for 8-10 hours at 5°C, which helps to preserve the aroma of the grapes. Before pressing, the grapes are still selected and only the first part of pressing is used for wine. The grapes are vinified separately in cool conditions, after which they are mixed and the second fermentation can begin. The second fermentation takes place over time in naturally 14°C cool cellars extending 10 metres underground.

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