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Ca’n Verdura

Ca'n Verdura

In the Binissalem wine region in the heart of the island of Mallorca, local grape varieties such as Mantonegro, Callet and Moll have been cultivated for a long time. Like the rest of the world, international varieties have also found a place in the area's vineyards, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot are also cultivated on the island today. The Llabrés family has experience in viticulture running already in the sixth generation. The family's son, Tomeu Llabrés Gilet, born in 1984, decided for his part to start taking care of the continuation of the cultivation of local grape varieties, so that their uniqueness and the potential of the region's terroir would not be forgotten in the globalizing wine world. Not only viticulture, but also wine production began to attract Tomeu, and he ended up studying oenology at the University of Tarragona.

In 2008, when he was only 24 years old, Tomeu started working with his father at the Son Roig shelter east of Binissalem. Tomeu's father harvested his grapes mainly for the famous Francesc Grimalt of 4Kilos Vinícola, and Tomeu got to learn with them and helped to make 4Kilos' third vintage. Tomeu and Francesc shared a common ideology about the attractiveness of the region's original varieties, and with Francesc's support, Tomeu learned more about winemaking, e.g. when he got to work at Priorat alongside Álvaro Palacios.

In 2010, together with his father, Tomeu decided to produce his own wine from the family's surplus grapes from Mantonegro vines. Only a minimal 700 bottles of the first L'Origen wine were made. Many locals thought the two were completely crazy, as the variety is generally perceived as very demanding. However, the most important thing for Tomeu was to bring out the character of the island in the purest possible form, and he felt that Mantonegro was the best way to express the personality of the area. When the variety is cultivated on only a few hundred hectares in the whole world and only in Mallorca, it would have been a sheer waste not to use its potential. So the duo began to produce personal wines with modern winemaking methods, continuing their family's cross-generational dialogue with nature and vineyards. The family's nickname 'Verdura', referring to vegetables, ended up being the registered name of the farm's wine production.

In 2011, the Llabrés built their own wine cellar in an old garage in the center of Binissalem village. Year by year, production quantities have been increased, production methods have been developed and new wines have started to be made alongside the previous ones. Tomeu no longer forbids international varieties in his own production, because at the core of the operation are not only the values ​​of a traditional family farm, but also the ability to adapt, which due to changing conditions is extremely important in order to bring out the characteristics of each vintage in the best way.

All of Ca'n Verdura's production is pure handwork, which requires a lot of time and is physically demanding. The grapes are carefully sorted by the whole family, even with grandmother participating in the selection of the best bunches. The wines are fermented in large oak barrels, and the cap that rises to the surface of the fermentation vessel is worked by hand. The wines are matured in lightly toasted French oak barrels, which give way to the refined fruity aromas of the wines. Each barrel is treated as an individual and they are filled and emptied with the precision of hours to get the best possible result. With punctuality, precision and passion, the wines of Ca'n Verdura have in a short time become a great example of what Mallorca has to offer wine lovers!

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