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The Boffa winery, bearing the family's last name, can be found in the middle of the lovely Piedmont landscape, in the small village of Barbaresco. The house offers a stunning view over the vineyards of Barbaresco and the high mountains of the Alps looming in the background.

The farm's first vintage was produced by Pietro Boffa together with his father in 1968, and since 1996 Pietro's son, Carlo, has been responsible for the farm. Carlo produced his first vintage in 2000 and three years later he decided with his wife Laura to open the farm's doors to the public so that the wines get more attention. Today, Carlo is responsible for matters related to wine growing and making, and Laura manages the sales and marketing of the wines. Laura is also responsible for a small hotel with five rooms that was opened in 2010 in connection with the winery. The couple's thirty-year-old son Gabriel also participates in the operation of the farm, helping his parents, and travels around the world marketing the farm's wines.

Carlo has a total of 6 hectares of vineyards, of which 3 hectares are dedicated to the production of Barbaresco. The estate's Dolcetto d'Alba is produced from half a hectare, and the Barbera d'Alba is produced from the same area. Since it is almost impossible to buy new orchards in the area, Carlo also buys half a hectare of Barbera grapes and a little Nebbiolo, which is used to make the farm's Langhe Nebbiolo. In addition, Carlo rents 2 hectares of orchards from a friend in Roero to make white wine from the Arneis grape. In addition to wines, grappa is made at the Marolo distillery from the skins of grapes from the farm's Barbaresco orchards.

Boffa's winemaking is a balancing act between traditional vineyard work and modern cellar methods. Harvesting is done manually and the wines are allowed to ferment slowly, allowing Carlo to extract tannins, color and flavor from the skins. The wines mature in large 1000-2000-liter Slavonian oak barrels.

Boffa belongs to The Green Experience organization, whose members commit to refraining from the use of chemical weed killers and cherish nature's biodiversity.

The farm's annual production is about 40,000 bottles, depending on the vintage.

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