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If fate had not intervened in the game, Lukáš and Matúš Berta's winery might be located in Modra today. Their grandfather, who was forced to leave Hungary, was originally supposed to settle in the Modra area, but for some reason the train carrying him did not stop in Modra, but ended up in the Strekov area. The grandfather, who worked as a winemaker, ended up taking over the Strekovi vineyards and established the family's own first plot in 1973. He taught his son the secrets of winemaking early on, and later it was time for the brothers to learn from their own father.

Only 1,000 bottles of wine were produced in the first batch, but the production volume has gradually increased over the years. Along the way, the brothers have visited places such as Marlborough, New Zealand, where they worked at Saint Clair's farm, and Pennsylvania's From Sand Castle Winery. Varieties typical of the region have been selected for the nurseries, such as the red Dunaj and the white ones Rizling vlašský (Welschriesling), Muškát Moravský (Muscat) and Rulandské Šedé (Pinot Gris). The soil of the nurseries, which cover only a few hectares, is mainly clayey loess.

All of Berta's wines ferment spontaneously and are not manipulated in any way. All the estate's wines are also bottled under a screw cap, and the brothers are proud to announce Strekov as Slovakia's first cork-free region. The labels of the bottles are decorated with the birds of the area and the fingerprints of family members.

The farm's total production is around 40,000 bottles.

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