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In 1996, Artadi known from growing vines with burning passion in Rioja, made their dream of growing vines in Navarra true, as the estate started working on the unique vineyards of the region. Carlos López de Lacalle got the idea to work in the area from his American friend, who wanted to show his compatriots how good Spanish Garnacha could be. The farm was named Artazu after the village in the area. The poor and barren soil of the area and the harsh continental climate with hot and dry summers and cold and wet winters force the vines to fight for their lives, causing them to produce very intense grapes. You can taste energy and authenticity in these wines!

While Rioja is dedicated to Tempranillo, Garnacha gets the pedestal it deserves in Navarra. Its elegance has been forgotten by many as other grapes have taken over its space, but recently several winegrowers have realized the potential of grapes produced by old bush vines. Artazu's Garnacha vines cover an area of 41,9 hectares in two different villages, Artazu and San Martín de Unx. The villages are located in the Valdizarbe sub-region, which is the northernmost part of Navarra. The influence of the Atlantic in the region is considerable compared to other sub-regions of Navarra. Just like Artadi's vineyards in Rioja, these vines are also managed with certified organic methods. Craftsmanship and limited harvests guarantee that the quality of Garnacha comes out perfectly in these wines.

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