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Arido Wines

Arido Wines

Arido means dry in Finnish. The name of the wine does not lie, it perfectly describes the growing conditions in Barrancas, located in the Mendoza Valley, about 30 kilometers from the city of Mendoza itself. Arido vines grow at a height of about a kilometer in the middle of a mountainous desert. Nutrient-poor soil consists largely of sand. In the area, it rains less during an entire calendar year than in sunny Helsinki during the summer months. Fortunately, the melting waters of the Andes provide relief for the vines.

The high location of Arido's nurseries means significant temperature variations between day and night. The sun shining during the day ensures even ripening of the grapes, the coldness of the night ensures the preservation of acids. The end result is admirably balanced new world wines that are able to surprise even the most hardened Europhile with their freshness. The preservation of natural freshness is supported by the fact that all Arido wines are aged in steel tanks.

Behind Arido is a man named Carlos Pulenta. Carlos is considered to be an innovator who, with his activity, has significantly succeeded in promoting Argentina's rise as one of the significant countries in the world of wine. We also have him to thank for the Vistalba and Tomero wines in our selections!

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