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Aphros Wine

Aphros Wine

Aphros' 20-hectare property is located in the lower Lima Valley, in Vinho Verde, Portugal. The winemaker Vasco Croft, who exudes the charisma of a Hollywood actor, is originally a furniture designer and architect, but he made a complete turn in his career after becoming interested in biodynamic farming and Steiner's teachings. The spirit products of the winemaker, known as an artisan spirit, are representative of their terroir, acidic and clean. The portfolio also includes characterful natural wines.

In his cultivation, Croft emphasizes e.g. the diversity of nature and the harmony between animals and man-made work. Biodynamic methods of operation are followed in the nurseries, and in wine production, the teachings of nature's own cycle, accumulated over the centuries, are respected. Some of the production equipment dates back generations - at Aphros, modern winemaking equipment has not completely replaced ancient amphorae and water channels. Maceration of red wines is done in the traditional style, by stomping the grapes with feet in ancient granite tanks.

Aphros produces white Loureiro and red Vinhão. Along with Alvarinho, Loureiro is Vinho Verde's most significant aromatic white grape. Red Vinhão is also known as Sousão in the Douro Valley and is the most famous red grape variety in its region. In recent years, it has been one of the most talked about Portuguese varieties, and Aphro, on the other hand, is considered one of the best growers.

At Aphros farm, wine is grown on three different plots: Casal do Paço, Espanada and Valflores.

Quinta do Casal do Paço has belonged to the Vasco family since the 17th century and is where the story of Aphros began. The county is about 20 hectares and it is divided so that vines grow on four hectares, chestnut trees on four hectares and the rest is practically forest. In the middle of it all, a 16th-century two-story mansion built of granite with chapels and everything stands out. The first floor houses a wine cellar, which is as old as the building itself.

Espanadal is located just a few meters from Casal do Paço. Today, these two plots are separated by a road, but they were one entity for centuries. Still, they have always strongly had their own special characteristics. The Espanadal plot is completely surrounded by forests and is located higher than the other plots. The plot is very old and is considered the best in the house. Only one hectare of Loureiro vines grow on the plot.

Valflores, on the other hand, is a rental plot. It is owned by the Bossert family from Oregon, USA, and a long lease has been agreed with them. There are a total of 5.5 hectares of nurseries on the plot, of which three hectares are original vines and the rest were planted after the start of the lease. There is also an interesting story connected to the plot, as the well-known Oregonian winemaker David Lett was a friend of the family that owns the plot, and when he visited the family, he brought pinot vines with him to plant on the plot. Some of the original vines can still be found among the Loureiro vines. To honor this great story, Vasco decided to also plant half a hectare of Pinot Noir vines on the plot.

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