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Kivenlahti kuohuu

Kivenlahti is bubbling

Viinitie will participate in the Kivenlahti Kuohuu event, a free event open to all, organized in Kivenlahti on August 7, 2021. There will be local food, beer and of course wine!

Where? Kivenlahti Meritori on 7 August 2021 from 11 am to 10 pm.
at 11:00 | RikuPelle
Life is funny but exciting 
at 13:00 | Theater Hökyvuori
'Life and Erotica' from a gentle comedy that touches, laughs and sings!
at 14:00 | Accordion player Elina Leskelä
Kivenlahti's most positive village player 
at 16:00 | Today's weather trio
The hottest jazz trio in the area 
at 18:00 | he Whiecustic duo
Acoustic arrangements of his own songs and old classics. 
at 20:00 | Paolo Ribaldini & Erkka Korhonen
Blows up the gig on an acoustic basis
at 21:00 | DJ Tukkari
The loudest soundscapes of the last hour in the style of Upper Stone
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Viinitie participates in the event with the following coverage:

- Le Bullet
- Champagne La Chouette de Champillon Blanc de Noirs Brut
- Dissegna Organic rose Prosecco
- X-Berg Riesling
- Valmiñor Serra da Estrela Albariño
- Löyly Grüner Veltliner
- Max Weissburgunder trocken
- Max Langhe Rosato
- Himmel Pink Riesling
- Pegasus appassimento
- X-Berg Pinot Noir
- Column 0 Riesling
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