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REKRY: Logistics & Office Manager

RECRUITMENT: Logistics & Office Manager

Would you like to work for a better wine culture?

We are looking for an experienced and development-oriented professional to fill the Logistics & Office Manager position. In this position, you will be the glue between all functions and your work contribution will have a significant impact on the performance of the entire company.

The field of tasks is broad and includes both routines and the development of new ones. The routine side consists of, for example, official reporting, maintenance of product data, purchase orders, transport orders and optimization of logistics. We are the first carbon-neutral operator in our field in the Nordic countries, and your job description will also include carbon neutrality and responsibility functions, because you are the member of our team who sees the arc of our operations as a whole. In addition, you get to develop our growing business through digitalization and automation, for example in the form of new system projects.

In this position, you need versatile experience. We do not assume that you have worked in our industry, but you have been familiar with international logistics for many years and you have also accumulated many years of work in various administrative positions. Environmental awareness is as important to you as it is to us, and you actively look for ways to do things better. The work requires systematization and accuracy, as well as an independent approach to work. You are the type who enjoys working with spreadsheets and systems. You work fluently in Finnish and English, the knowledge of Swedish is counted in your favor.

We are looking for a colleague who will make a significant impact on the success of our business with his own contribution, smoothing the processes that take place in the background. Wines and the experiences around them interest you and you want to work in accordance with our mission for a better drinking culture. We hope you will be a flexible, approachable, funny and reliable colleague. This job description is new in the company and the selected person will be able to influence its content according to their own strengths.

The job is full-time and will start during the end of 2021, possibly with a quick schedule. If the job description and our philosophy resonate, we can't wait to hear more from you! Send us an application with salary expectations by October 3, 2021.

Viinitie Oy is a company that imports wines, quality distillates and Coravin wine equipment, founded in 2003. Our selection focuses on interesting producers who have a story to tell. Bulk products are not for us. We want to develop the Nordic drinking culture and support the livelihood of small producers. We are the first carbon-neutral operator in the Nordic countries and we want to stand out as an environmentally conscious partner to our customers.

Viinitie's team currently consists of 11 beverage industry professionals, including two Masters of Wine. In addition to imports, we produce wines ourselves with our producer friends in Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

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