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Joulun punaviinit - Ultimaattinen lahjalista

Christmas red wines - The ultimate gift list

What to gift someone who already has everything? Take the test or grab the tips below for the box and click the wines into the basket of Alko's online store .

Gift shopping? Treated.

For the sommelier

Somelieer's slogan is "filters before content" and the most important moments of Christmas can be seen afterwards on the Instagram feed.

We recommend it as a gift for him Pegasus Amaronea , which is, in accordance with its namesake, fairy-tale beautiful, feisty and powerful. The label of the bottle is perfect for gathering likes, because it is a pure domestic design under Pomeliina Puumala, so after opening the gift package, you won't see the Sommelier when the flash light flashes.

Pegasus Amarone della Valpolicella €29.98, Veneto, Italy

Rotten and powerful Amarone, which has received full five stars from Viinilehti.

For a slob

For Hösääjä, the most important thing in gifts is abundance and further refinement, if now you happen to have time to open your gift when you still have to bring something small to the table.

We recommend it as a gift for him Pegaus Appasimento . The wine is juicy and jammy, like most of the contents of the winemaker's cupboard. Hösääja also knows how to appreciate the screw cap on the bottle, because thanks to it, even homemade juices can easily slip into the bottle in the fall.
The most likely phrase that comes out of a person's mouth when receiving a gift is "oh me, I wouldn't have needed anything".

Pegasus Appassimento, Veneto Italy

A full and juicy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Corvina. Four stars from Viinilehti and an Inexpensive purchase mention!

For the nostalgic

Nostalgists value history in their gifts, and especially personal history. For this reason, he has a suitable story for every situation, which he tells freely and without asking. Always.

We recommend it as a gift for him Ferraton Père & Fils Châteauneuf-du-Papea . This traditional blended wine is as multi-generational as its name and story. The label features a picture of Finland's first printed book and it describes Finns' first contact with Catholicism, i.e. the legendary Bishop
Encounter between Henrik and Lalli-Pakana. The village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape itself is built around the old summer residence of Pope John XII. All of this guarantees that when the gift package is opened, there will be a moment of silence as the nostalgic ponders what to start talking about with this cornucopia.

Ferraton Père & Fils Châteauneuf-du-Pape €44.99, Rhône, France

Full five stars and mention "Elegant top wine" from Viinilehti's experts. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a succulent and earthy classic.

For the hygienist

A hyggeist appreciates warmth and homeliness in his gift, just like in his footwear.

In this case, it is naturally selected as a gift recommendation Torbreck Woodcutter Shiraz , that dark berry, fleshy red wine, where the spiciness brought by the oak adds
the hyggeist's Christmas mood even more. Add wool socks to the side of this gift, yes
the hyggeist walks all the way from the dining table to the fireplace.

Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz €29.99, Barossa, Australia

Jammy and dark berry, super rich red wine from cult producer.

For the connoisseur

This recipient of the gift especially appreciates quality and has done his background work on each case.

Most likely, when receiving a gift, he will recognize the grape type and country of origin of the wine just from the shape of the gift package. Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva is a gift recommendation that will please even the most demanding palate, as it has received almost full marks from several international wine critics. In addition, the house's winemaker was chosen as the world's best winemaker in 2017 and the house itself as the best winery in 2015. So these are information for the buyer of the gift, because the recipient of the gift already knows these facts in advance.

Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva €61.50, Rioja, Spain

Gran Reserva matured in oak barrels for more than two years from Marqués de Murrieta, a Top5 producer in Rioja.

For the foodie

This gift recipient is a hunter of taste experiences.

He combines foods, flavors, worlds and moods, always looking for the next combination that explodes the taste buds. He is not satisfied with the ordinary and does not shy away from the special. Therefore, the starting point of our recommendation is that it goes well with as many flavors as possible. After thinking about this, we concluded that there is only one correct result: Bread & Butter Pinot Noir. A wine that, as its name suggests, goes well with bread and butter, whether it's sour root and smoked noble butter. The Pinot Noir grape makes the wine approachable and food-friendly.

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir €19.99, California, USA

Luscious Pinot Noir, where you can taste the Californian sun and toasted oak.

For a surprise guest

Suddenly the doorbell rings and he is behind the door with his package. In order not to give yourself a thoughtless and dull image, something needs to be done!

As a solution, we recommend Borgogno Langhe Rosso . Borgogno is the oldest producer in the Barolo region, whose wines were already enjoyed at dinners celebrating the unification of Italy. And no, I didn't know either that Italy was once united. The recommended wine contains three grape varieties: Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto, which makes it very versatile. Therefore, it fits every situation and is therefore a great emergency solution for the unexpected twists and turns of Christmas.

Borgogno Langhe Rosso €18.90, Italy

A full-bodied and food-friendly wine from the Piedmont region from the oldest producer of Barolo.

Sort through the gift problems and grab all the wines in Alko's online store basket here

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