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Pocas Eng

Poças Júnior


Poças Júnior is a family winery with long traditions from Douro, Portugal. Poças produces both quality Port wine as well as red wines.

Poças has plots in three quintas: Quinta das Quartas, Quinta Santa Barbara and Quinta de Vale de Cavalos. The winery is situated in the 2,5 ha Quinta das Quartas.

The story of Poças starts in 1918 when, having been brought up around Port wine makers, the 30 yo Manoel Domingues Poças Júnior decided to start his own business. Together with his uncle, Manoel began to sell grape distillate to large Port producers. Following his uncle, one by one Manoel’s brothers, his wife and with growing production the following generation of the Poças family all started to work at Poças. Poças’s retail site was set up in Porto’s Vila Nova de Gaia where they still have their offices and an imposing Port wine cellar.