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Landscapes like nowhere else. Extraordinary winemakers, who are able to translate their terroirs into wines, which cannot be replicated anywhere else. Made the most natural way possible.

We only work with wines coming from unique, exceptional sites. Same place, but a less talented or passionate winemaker would deliver very different results. The winemakers we have onboard understand their terroirs well. They are technically well-trained, and they know how to bring out the best of what they have. For us, mediocre just won’t do. In order to be where we are today, we have been tasting more than 10.000 wines every year and this makes us confident in what we do. But it's not all about tasting – together with carefully chosen team of seasoned winemakers, we also make a range of wines of our own.



Maanantaina 24.9. korkkaillaan viinejä Viinitien uusimmilta kiinnityksiltä ja maistellaan jo tuttujen tuottajien tuoreinta antia Kampin keskuksen Korttelin Bar Cónissa (6 krs.), klo 12:00–16:00 välillä. Nähdään siellä!

Tapahtuma on avoin kaikille alan ammattilaisille. Ilmoittaudu mukaan osoitteessa:


Not to be missed! Nyt on oiva tilaisuus perehtyä englantilaisten kuohuviinien saloihin! Ridgeviewn Tom Surgey vetää maanantaina 24.9. kaksi masterclassia Salutorgetin Pop Up Champagne Barissa, joiden aiheena on “English sparkling wine, its history and unique characteristics”. Lue lisää täältä