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Tawny Port

Poças Júnior

  • Vegaani


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Classic tawny port for atmospheric enjoyment.

Terroir, production method and maturation: The grapes are picked by hand from 10-20 -year-old vines that grow on slate soil. The fermentation of the wine lasts only a few days before it is interrupted by adding 77% grape must to the wine. The wine matures in oak barrels for 3 years before bottling.

Usage: As a companion to chocolate desserts or by the fire on its own.

Description: The scent has both dark plum and dried fruit. The sweet taste is spicy, chocolatey and slightly nutty.

Poças Júnior

Poças Júnior

Poças Júnior is a traditional family farm from the Douro that just reached the respectable age of one hundred years. The farm was founded in 1918 by then 30-year-old Manoel Domingues Poças Júnior, although in its early years the farm focused on selling grape juice to large port wine houses.
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