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White vermouth whose grapes grow on the granite stepped slopes of Val do Ulla. Perfect in cocktail mixes that require white vermouth.

Terroir, production method and maturation: Nordesia uses exceptional quality grapes in the production of its vermouths. The Albariño grapes used in the production of vermouth grow on the granite stepped slopes of Val do Ulla. The herbs, roots and flowers are still the same that have been used in the region to season wine for hundreds of years. The added distillate is made from the same quality grapes as the wine used in the vermouth. The intensity of Nordesia's white vermouth is remarkable, the whole is elegant and absolutely insanely drinkable. Works like a fist in the face even in cocktail mixes that require white vermouth - this is not just a mandatory ingredient listed in the recipe, but a key element in building a pretty and balanced, layered whole.

Seasoning is done in order to preserve the delicate aromas of the plants only as cold maceration with distillate. The process takes about a month, after which the flavored distillate is mixed with wine. The vermouth is then aged in old French oak barrels for four months.

Use: Try as part of cocktails.

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