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Gutierrez Colosia

Pedro Ximénez
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Terroir, production method and maturation: The grapes used for Pedro Ximenez are harvested late when they are overripe and sweet. After this, the grapes are further dried in the sun for 5-6 days, during which their sugar content is further concentrated. The grapes are pressed, after which the juice begins to ferment with the help of neutral yeasts. The basic wine is concentrated with pure alcohol to about 15–16 percent. The wine is then pumped into oak barrels and allowed to mature with oxygen for about three years. Residual sugar 350g/l.

Use: As an accompaniment to cheeses or desserts.

Description: Aroma of dried dates, raisins and walnuts. Extremely sweet and quite thick mouthfeel. The taste is of toffee, dried fruit and a touch of pepper.

Gutierrez Colosia

Gutierrez Colosia

Since 1838, the Gutierrez Colosia sherry farm has been based in the town of Puerto de Santa Maria, in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz. The sea breezes coming from the Atlantic along the Guadalete river enable a microclimate perfect for biological maturation, which makes the house's Fino sherries particularly refined, salty and soft-tasting.
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