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Chona’s Marani

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100% Rkatsiteli made in kvevr with shell contact.

Terroir, production method and ripening: The grapes are harvested by hand in Tsinandal, Kakhet region. The grapes are pressed and the wine ferments in kvevri with the skins using their natural yeast strain. The skin mass of the wine is mixed with the juice during fermentation. After malolactic fermentation, the kvevri is closed and the wine is allowed to mature until spring, after which the wine is bottled without clarification and filtering.

Use: With light meat dishes, such as organic chicken breast and veal fillet.

Description: Rich aroma with ripe stone fruits and light smokiness. The mouthfeel is rich and slightly drying due to the long skin contact.

Chona’s Marani

Chona’s Marani

The Kakheti wine region is the largest wine region in Georgia, located east of the capital Tbilisi. Due to the large size of the area, it can be divided into 13 different sub-areas, which differ from each other in terms of, for example, the height of the vineyards and their soil type.
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