Azul y Garanza Bodegas

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A dry and richly fruity rosé from the largest desert on the European continent.

Terroir, production method and ripening: The grapes come from very dry and harsh conditions near the Las Bardenas desert. Harvesting was done by hand, after which the grapes were gently pressed. The grapes are allowed to macerate for about 3 hours before the wine ferments in cement tanks at 14°C. The wine is stored in tanks until bottling.

Use: Salads, chicken, tuna, tapas and other small appetizers. Works perfectly even as it is.

Description: The aroma is ripe berry and rich. The dry taste is fruity, rich and relatively acidic. You can distinguish raspberry and plum from it.

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Azul y Garanza Bodegas

Azul y Garanza Bodegas

What kind of mental breakdown leads talented oenologists to make wine in the middle of the desert? In the case of Azul y Garanza, the question is quite relevant, as the winery is located in the middle of Spain's largest desert, Las Bardenas Reales, in the province of Navarra. According to the boundary-breaking winemaking trio, María Barrena, her brother Fernando Barrena and Dani Sánchez, the answer doesn't have to be far.
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