Artazuri Garnacha


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Artazuri Garnacha
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A Rosee that will not be forgotten in an instant.

Terroir, production method and ripening: The grapes grow in the village of Artazu at an altitude of 450-500 meters in calcareous clay soil. Hand harvesting into 10 kg baskets. Wine is made from freely flowing juice. The wine ages in steel tanks for 18-20 days.

Use: Versatile wine with various appetizers.

Description: The scent is richly fruity and features, among other things, ripe strawberry. The dry taste is intense and the rich texture makes the wine serious even for the dinner table.

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Artadi, who cultivates wine with burning passion in Rioja, dreamed of viticulture in the Navarre region in 1996, when the house started working on the unique orchards of Navarre. Carlos López de Lacalle got the idea to work in the area from his American friend, who wanted to show his compatriots how good Spanish Garnacha can be.
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