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Groote Post

Groote Post

The name of the farm goes back to the shelters used in the 19th century, where beef cattle were driven to graze. These shelters provided protection from the raiding raids of the Khoikhoi people, and one of the most important and largest shelters was called Groote Post. In Agencyaato, the space has served, among other things, as a home for Hildagonda Duckitt, one of the first South African food writers. In 1957, the farm, firmly associated with cattle farming, passed into the hands of Peter and Nick Pentz, descendants of the dairy family, who began to convert the farm into winemaking. The ten-year planting process of the vineyards was completed in 2002, although as everyone who has worked in the vineyard knows, it is a continuous process. In 2001, the Pentzins grazed their previously grazed Holstein cattle, focusing solely on wine production. Located in the Darling Hills, Cape West Coast, the farm benefits from the cool air brought to the area by the nearby ocean. The Pentzes went through 1,000 acres of potential vineyards, but only planted 107 acres. Of the grapes produced, only the best are vinified and the rest are sold to other producers. The vineyards are located on the south-facing slopes of Kapokberg, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The shelters rise at an altitude of 200-450 meters above sea level. The soil in the nurseries is deep and holds water well, so artificial irrigation systems are not needed. Pentzie is assisted by consultant Johan Pienaar in tending the vineyards.

My own cellar was built for the first harvest in 1999 in the old renovated structures of the neighboring Klawer Valley farm. The winemaker is Lukas Wentzel, who advocates gentle handling of the grapes. The grapes are picked by hand into small boxes, selecting only the ripest grapes from the bunch. In addition, the grapes are still sorted with a wine press before they are processed. Interventions are kept to a minimum, so the use of pumps is minimal and the wines are not clarified or filtered unnecessarily.

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