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Ferrer Bobet

Ferrer Bobet

In the heart of Priorat, in the Porrera area, the Ferrer Bobet winery's guiding principle is to respect the region's farming traditions and social and economic development. In addition, the project pays homage to the two friends' passion for the world and wine culture, and especially for those wine lovers who are looking for wines from Priorat that are pure, harmonious and bring out the minerality of the soil.

Ferrer Bobet was launched in 2008, when Sergi Ferrer-Salat and Raül Bobet released their first wines of the 2005 vintage, Vinyes Velles and Selecció Especial Vinyes Velles. The joint project of a wine lover and a top winemaker had already started in 2002 after long-term plans and years of dreaming. Both of these wines are made from some of the oldest, highest and steepest vineyards in the region, whose potential to reflect their origins is undeniable. The Porrera area is the coolest in Priorat thanks to the northeast winds and Mediterranean air currents. The temperature fluctuations between days and nights produce grapes whose phenolic ripeness is optimal at the time of harvest and natural acidity, freshness and aromaticity are preserved. The soil in the shelters consists almost entirely of black slate, locally known as llicorella. The Carignan and Garnacha vines in the orchards are almost a hundred years old, so they have had time to adapt to the conditions of the area.

Ferrer Bobet's own new orchards were planted in 2004 and 2005. In addition to the classic regional varieties, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier and Roussanne ended up as varieties. These vines were planted on terraced slopes and the used clones and rhizomes produce small amounts of yield as the vines grow in a balanced manner. The grapes from these orchards are used to make the estate's third wine, Ferrer Bobet, which was released for the first time in 2015. The area of the estate covers 70 hectares, although only 15 hectares of vines grow, as they also wanted to leave room for other natural and unique vegetation in the area. All nurseries are cultivated using completely organic methods, and no synthetic chemicals are used to control pests.

Ferrer Bobet's winemaking respects raw materials cultivated with merciless labor. The winery is an architectural masterpiece, built on a slope and partially underground. The facilities are designed to support the flow of wine in the winery as naturally as possible, rather by gravity than by means of pumps. Hand-harvested grapes from the orchards are brought to the winery in 10 kg baskets, so the grapes remain whole. The grapes are sorted grape by grape twice. Fermentation takes place in 15- and 30-hectoliter vessels, which enable separate vinification of each plot. Most of the fermentation vessels are made of oak, which enables the integration of the oak into the wine already in the fermentation phase. After fermentation, the wines mature in French oak barrels for at least 15 months, and are bottled without clarification and filtration.

The farm's annual production is around 50,000 bottles.

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