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Comando G Eng

Comando G

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Getting its name from a Japanese science anime, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Comando G is Daniel Gomez Jimenez-Landi’s and Fernando Garcia’s wine project in Sierra de Gredos, Central Spain. Located around 50 km from busy Madrid, Sierra de Gredos has a cooler climate than the capital city and has mountain views that are reminiscent of Italy’s Apennines. This area, divided among the appellations of Madrid and Mentrida, was long the home of simple table wines but gladly this difficult mountainous region has a handful of old vineyards that bulk wineries have not got their hands on. Revitalizing some of these ancient vineyards is what Comando G is all about.

Friends since school, Daniel and Fernando are both from winemaking families – Daniel is from the Jimenez-Landi winery and Fernando’s roots go to Bodegas Marnones. The two were attracted by winemaking in remote, inaccessible vineyards and in 2008 they signed their first contract to rent some land. Daniel and Fernando farm biodynamically.